Valerie Gracious was born into a musical family, and with both parents being professional violinists, she studied classical piano for many years, laying the groundwork for playing progressive rock.

Her shenanigans with Phideaux began at the tender age 4 when they both played pivotal roles in a nursery school production about Moses (Phideaux played the baby Moses and Valerie played his mother. ) Their friendship developed over the years and became solidified in 5th grade when they engaged in making up names for new illicit drugs and creating bizarre comics. The teacher vowed they would never be in a class together again. (They were in the same 6th grade class).

It was also during this transformative year when Valerie discovered her penchant for singing, sparked by being cast as the lead in the school musical, Holy Moses. (The religious theme is entirely coincidental. Phideaux also appeared in this production.)

A few years later their friendship began its musical course. During high school she became the lead female vocalist and keyboardist for Phideaux’s early band, Sally, Dick and Jane. She also made guest vocal appearances with a later band of Phideaux’s, The SunMachine. Valerie worked as a singer and keyboardist with other local bands and songwriters in the New York and Detroit areas before weaseling her way into a more permanent role with Phideaux.

Today she is a mother of three daughters and resides in Detroit. When not singing for Phideaux, she works as a freelance writer and spinning instructor.