Released on March 21, 2011

1. Snowtorch (Part One)
a) Star Of Light
b) Retrograde
c) Fox On The Rocks
d) Celestine
2. Helix
3. Snowtorch (Part Two)
a) Blowtorch Snowjob
b) Fox Rock 2
c) Coronal Mass Ejection
4. .

Performed by

Ariel Farber: Vocals, Violin
Valerie Gracious: Vocals
‘Bloody’ Rich Hutchins: Drums
Mathew Kennedy: Bass Guitar
Gabriel Moffat: Electric Guitar
Linda Ruttan Moldawsky: Vocals
Molly Ruttan: Vocals, Metal Percussion
Mark Sherkus: Keyboards, Piano
Johnny Unicorn: Keyboards, Saxophone, Vocals
Phideaux Xavier: Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Vocals

Special assistance from:

Stefanie Fife: Cello
Chris Bleth: Flute, Soprano Saxophone

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