About Phideaux xavier



Phideaux Xavier is a rock and roll singer. His first and earliest influence was Alice Cooper (well, maybe John Lennon before that…). Outrageous psychedelic music is what he grew up craving and seeking. Now, many years later, Phideaux makes albums that harken back to the “anything-goes” approach of the late ’60s/early ’70s — music that requires involvement from the listener.

Phideaux, who grew up outside of NYC, has performed and written music since early childhood and has fronted or appeared in various bands throughout the years (Mirkwood, Sally Dick & Jane, The SunMachine, and Satryicon NYC – a postpunk rock band where he played bass and met drummer "Bloody" Rich Hutchins). He has also produced other artists (R. Weis – Mystery of the Egg, a particular favourite project - find it!).

In his teens, he was obsessed with tape recorder experimentation and made several cassettes of mutoid music for his friends.  This culminated in the 1992 release of a CD entitled “Friction”. Although not considered "canon", you can see the seeds of his future musical efforts germinating.

Immediately after "Friction", Phideaux and "Bloody" Rich Hutchins started working together and created the album Ghost Story.  That project remained unfinished for several years, until Phideaux aligned with Gabriel Moffat to record some demos which eventually became 'first' album Fiendish.  After Fiendish in 2003, they mixed and completed the long delayed Ghost Story, which was quickly followed up in 2005 by a third album, Chupacabras (comprised of unused tracks from Ghost Story and Fiendish sessions).

Since 1996, Phideaux and "Bloody" Rich have collaborated to create heavy melodic art rock recordings. Separated by a continent (Rich is in NYC, Phi is L.A.), they rehearse and record in spurts, and usually communicate by email and telepathy. Many of the musicians who visit Phideaux’s musical universe are people he grew up with and with whom he has performed in other bands along the way. Phideaux seeks to make serious headphone albums and likes to imagine he is actually communicating with people through his recordings.

Additional albums: 
313 (2005) - a planned "album in a day" for which no songs were written ahead of time.
The Great Leap (2006) and Doomsday Afternoon (2007) - the first two albums of a near future dystopian trilogy.

Number Seven (2009) - the first album recorded exclusively with the live band members.
Snowtorch (2011) - the apotheosis of all things Phideaux has been seeking to explore in art rock.
Infernal (2018) - the third in a trilogy started with The Great Leap and Doomsday Afternoon