Having grown up loving music, Mat didn’t start to learn an instrument until his late teens. Taking cues from his best friend (and many, many hours of just noodling around on the guitar), Mat quickly found his Holy Grail. When his friend gave him a Bass guitar and told him, “you are the Bass Player,” Mat found his path in life…….wait, this sounds cheesy. I hate writing about myself in the third person. I hate writing about myself period. I’ll just say that, for a mediocre bass player at best (I’m a little insecure), I have been extremely lucky to have played for 3 totally kick ass bands, including Discipline, Eyestrings, and now, Phideaux. Lucky to have been able to play all over the world. And, lucky to get the opportunities to record 7 or 8 albums. (I can account for 7 but know I’m missing at least 1.) And most of all, lucky to have met some really cool people and bands.

I have many influences, most notably The Beatles, Peter Gabriel, VDGG, Anekdoten (I’d kill for that Bass tone), Stevie Wonder, Beethoven, Stravinsky, that other guy…

Not much of a Bio, I know, but, you get the picture. Maybe I could get A&E to do a biography, with the guy with the deep voice. Or, perhaps…hmmm…. nah, nevermind. Best not go there.