www.lindaruttanmoldawsky.com   Photo by Neil Palfreyman


Photo by Neil Palfreyman


Linda Ruttan-Moldawsky grew up in Hastings-on-Hudson, New York. She and her identical twin sister showed signs of artistic and musical talent from a very early age, and spent most of their childhood creating and enjoying the arts.

At 16, Linda began playing the bass, and together with her sister and two close friends, Phideaux and Valerie Gracious, formed a band. The band, called Sally Dick & Jane, played many New York clubs, including CBGB’s and Max’s Kansas City. It was the foundation for Linda’s next several years of playing and singing in various LA and D.C. bands, most notably Los Angeles’ Garden Variety.

Linda attended The Cooper Union School of Arts in Manhattan, graduating with a dual major in Filmmaking and Drawing Works. After spending some time on a spiritual journey pursuing the unseen realms, she touched down in Los Angeles, where her career as a graphic artist and photo compositer and retoucher rocketed skyward. She met and married her soul mate, Garden Variety’s lead man and songwriter Doug Moldawsky. They presently live in Boulder, CO with their 2 musical children. Linda continues to thrive both muscially and artistically.