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Show 64 – ‘The Great Leap’: Phideaux interview

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It will come as no surprise to many – given the number of plays over the last year – that Phideaux Xavier is one of my all-time favourite independent artists. As a teen prog-lover, it comes as a breath of fresh air in my middle age that there are still musicians out there that love the genre and can provide a fresh, new angle that still sends the shivers down my spine when I listen.

It’s therefore with great pleasure that I present an interview with Phideaux, where I play and discuss three tracks from his latest CD, ‘The Great Leap’. Part one of a conceptual trilogy (part two – “Doomsday Afternoon” – will follow sometime later in the year) and named after Chairman Mao’s famously inept great leap forward’ campaign, it’s an album of “angry, scary, paranoid songs about life in an increasingly totalitarian society”.

Wake Up



If you want to get hold of the CD (or any other Phideaux albums), you’ll find a list of vendors’ sites here. As the proud owner of every single one, I can safely say that each one is a gem in its own right and worth every penny / cent / dollar / pound.

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