Doomsday Cover Art.jpg

Doomsday Afternoon

Released on June 21, 2007

Act One
1 – Micro Softdeathstar (11:17)
2 – The Doctrine of Eternal Ice (Part One) (3:01)
3 – Candybrain (4:06)
4 – Crumble (2:55)
5 – The Doctrine of Eternal Ice (Part Two) (8:08)

Act Two
6 – Thank You For The Evil (9:18)
7 – A Wasteland Of Memories (2:22)
8 – Crumble (2:55)
9 – Formaldehyde (8:17)
10 – Microdeath Softstar (14:40)Click on a song title for lyrics, courtesy of by Gabriel MoffatPerformed byAriel Farber: Vocals, Handclaps
Valerie Gracious: Piano, Vocals
Rich Hutchins: Drums
Mathew Kennedy: Bass Guitar
Gabriel Moffat: Lap Steel Guitar, Solo & Electric Guitar, Textures, Treatments, Transitions
Linda Ruttan Moldawsky: Vocals
Molly Ruttan: Vocals
Mark Sherkus: Hammond B3, Minimoog, Arp String Ensemble, Korg Karma, Sampler
Phideaux Xavier: Piano, Rhodes, Moog Voyager, 6 & 12 String Guitar, Vocalswith Patti Amelotte: Hammered Dulcimer (1, 6)
Steve Dundon: Flute (9)
Rob Martino: Flute (3)
Martin Orford: Synthesizer solo (9)
Matthew Parmenter: Violin, Vocals (1, 6, 9, 10)
Johnny Unicorn: Hammond B3, Moog Voyager, Handclaps, Vocals (3, 10)
Joel Weinstein: Solo and Electric Guitar (5, 10)Orchestral Sections

Violin: Mark Baranov, Bing Wang
Viola: Richard Elegino, Jerry Epstein, Dale Silverman, Elizabeth Wilson
Cello: Stefanie Fife, Barry Gold, Jason Lippman
Bass: Dennis Trembly
French Horn: Brian Drake, Bruce Hudson
Trumpet: Boyde Hood, James Wilt
Flute, Oboe, Clarinet: Chris Bleth
Scored & Conducted by: Paul Rudolph
Copyist: Liz FincBuy on Bandcamp



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