A conversation with progressive rock extraordinaire, Phideaux Xavier (Part I)

Over the last decade, American singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Phideaux Xavier has become a rising star in the progressive rock world. With the help of his stellar musicians and working under the guise of a simplified title, Phideaux, he has proven to be a masterful songwriter and composer. In fact, Phideaux’s releases, including Number Seven andSnowtorch, are arguably some of the best albums […]

Interview with Phideaux Xavier, Nov. 08

After the colossal “Doomsday Afternoon” Phideaux will be taking a break form his trilogy to release another album “Number Seven”. Phideaux takes some time to explain the new album as well as the plans for the completion of the trilogy, shows, and various other things. Read more at progarchives.com

Show 64 – ‘The Great Leap’: Phideaux interview

It will come as no surprise to many – given the number of plays over the last year – that Phideaux Xavier is one of my all-time favourite independent artists. As a teen prog-lover, it comes as a breath of fresh air in my middle age that there are still musicians out there that love the genre […]

Interview with Phideaux XAVIER For KOID’9 61

Could you please sum up a little bit your musical career BEFORE doing this project that wears your (first) name. (Among other things, there’s an album which you released 12 years ago, according to what I’ve read ?). I’ve played in many various bands over the years, on a local level. I grew up in […]

Idioglossia interview with Phideaux and Nils Herzog

Hi Phideaux! 🙂 Where are you at the moment and what do you see when you look outside your window? Hello Nils and Idioglossia readers. I am in my home office, looking out onto the intersection of roads before my house. This is a section of Hollywood California called Los Feliz. There’s often fast traffic […]

Interview with Rob Rowley at The Grain Division

I had to talk to this guy after his latest CD Ghost Story blew me away one night. April 2004. Rob: Hello. Please take the time to introduce yourself…. Phideaux: Hey Rob et al, I’m Phideaux Xavier and I live in L.A. where I do most of my recording. My drummer lives in NYC, where […]