Phideaux Xavier

Phideaux Xavier is a rock and roll singer. His first and earliest influence was Alice Cooper (well, maybe John Lennon before that…). Psychedelic outrageous music is what he grew up craving and seeking. Now, many years later, Phideaux makes albums that harken back to the “anything-goes” approach of the late ’60s/early ’70s — music that […]


Johnny Unicorn

Johnny Unicorn is a young pop composer who brings a sometimes sexy, sometimes not, sometimes intellectual, sometimes stupid edge to modern rock music. Performing sometimes with a group of back-up musicians, and sometimes with the aid of programmed fake instruments, and sometimes alone with an acoustic instrument, Johnny has wowed audiences from Michigan to California. […]


Mark Sherkus

No biography is available for Mark Sherkus. He’s a Scorpio, if that helps.


Molly Ruttan

Molly Ruttan grew up in New York, however she and her twin sister Linda spent most of their childhood in a world of their own, drawing, singing, dancing and making things. She now lives in Los Angeles with her husband, daughters & mother, as well as (at last count) three dogs, three rabbits, two mice, […]


Linda Ruttan

Linda Ruttan-Moldawsky grew up in Hastings-on-Hudson, New York. She and her identical twin sister showed signs of artistic and musical talent from a very early age, and spent most of their childhood creating and enjoying the arts. At 16, Linda began playing the bass, and together with her sister and two close friends, Phideaux and […]


Gabriel Moffat

Although Gabriel Moffat was raised by thespians, he has embraced the language of music over the spoken word. On Cape Breton Island at the age of fifteen, he discovered his love for the guitar. From that moment on, he set out to master it, both by learning to play, and by crafting his own in […]


Matthew Kennedy

Having grown up loving music, Mat didn’t start to learn an instrument until his late teens. Taking cues from his best friend (and many, many hours of just noodling around on the guitar), Mat quickly found his Holy Grail. When his friend gave him a Bass guitar and told him, “you are the Bass Player,” […]


Richard Hutchins

Phideaux tricked Richard… How else do you explain a hardcore/post-punk/noise drummer named BLOODY RICH playing prog rock? Please don’t tell any of my friends.. Phideaux swore that there would be a mosh pit to this music…. well thats water under the bridge now.. I just have to make it as demented as humanly possible… ok, […]


Valerie Gracious

Valerie Gracious was born into a musical family (both parents were professional violinists) and studied classical piano for twelve years. Her first collaboration with Phideaux was at the age of 4 in a nursery school production about Moses, where Phideaux played the baby Moses and Valerie played his mother. Since those early years, she continued […]


Ariel Farber

Ariel started playing the violin at age 4. At age 9, she played the bodhran in an Irish pipe band. Years (and many chorales) later, she and her husband, Will Guterman, formed a band with Phideaux Xavier called The SunMachine.   Flashing forward, Ariel is now an art teacher in a small town on the […]