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Phideaux started composing music in high school and performed in several bands: Sally Dick & Jane, Neck Tie Party, The SunMachine, and Satyricon.

He released a number of recordings on cassettes for his friends, and then in 1992, produced a small number of copies of a CD entitled “Friction”. Although it was not widely distributed, a few music reviewers were able to hear it.

Later, in 2002, Xavier started seriously mastering musical tracks. In 2003 he released his first CD with significant distribution, Fiendish. The year 2004 saw his second album Ghost Story, which was followed up quickly in 2005 by a third album, Chupacabras, and then a fourth album,313, in March 2006. His fifth and sixth albums, The Great Leap and Doomsday Afternoon (2007) are the first two albums of a planned trilogy. In 2009, he issued his seventh album, Number Seven. He had begun working on a related album called Seven and a 1/2, but this sequel was cancelled in favour of an all-new album entitled Snowtorch, set for release in late 2010. However, the release date of this album was postponed until March 21, 2011.

 The Band

  • Ariel Farber: Vocals, Violin
  • Valerie Gracious: Vocals, Piano
  • Rich Hutchins: Drums
  • Mathew Kennedy: Bass Guitar
  • Gabriel Moffat: Electric Guitar
  • Molly Ruttan: Vocals, Percussion
  • Linda Ruttan-Moldawsky: Vocals
  • Mark Sherkus: Keyboards
  • Johnny Unicorn: Vocals, Keyboards
  • Phideaux Xavier: Vocals, Piano, Various Guitars

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