Ghost Story

ghoststory_cover2701 – Everynight (5:14)
2 – Feel the Radiation (4:02)
3 – A Curse of Miracles (6:25)
4 – Kiteman (4:30)
5 – Wily Creilly (5:24)
6 – Beyond the Shadow of Doubt(7:45)
7 – Ghostforest (5:45)
8 – Universally (5:45)
9 – Come Out Tonight (5:52)

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Produced by Rich Hutchins
and Phideaux Xavier

Mixed by Gabriel Moffat

Performed by

Rich Hutchins: Drums, Gongs, Electric Drums
Gabriel Moffat: Drum Distressments, Textures, Decay, Lead Guitar Cut & Paste, Ambient Loops, Noise Pollution
Mark Sherkus: Minimoog, Guitars (Solo on 3), Organ, Piano, “Grrrrrr,”Synthesizer
Phideaux Xavier: Vocals, Guitars (Acoustic, Volume, Lead, Fuzz), Bass


Sam Fenster: Bass (2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9)
Naomi Uman: Maniacal Laugh (7)

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