Snowtorch_Cover1. Snowtorch (Part One)
a) Star Of Light
b) Retrograde
c) Fox On The Rocks
d) Celestine
2. Helix
3. Snowtorch (Part Two)
a) Blowtorch Snowjob
b) Fox Rock 2
c) Coronal Mass Ejection

Performed by

Ariel Farber: Vocals, Violin
Valerie Gracious: Vocals
‘Bloody’ Rich Hutchins: Drums
Mathew Kennedy: Bass Guitar
Gabriel Moffat: Electric Guitar
Linda Ruttan Moldawsky: Vocals
Molly Ruttan: Vocals, Metal Percussion
Mark Sherkus: Keyboards, Piano
Johnny Unicorn: Keyboards, Saxophone, Vocals
Phideaux Xavier: Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Vocals

Special assistance from:

Stefanie Fife: Cello
Chris Bleth: Flute, Soprano Saxophone

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